1. Reference Services:
  • Reference desk of the library is the PR unit, it serves as the first point of call and address all queries from patrons as well as communicating with the user community. The reference service section provides access to reference materials such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories and handbooks. Reference books may not be checked out because they are needed by librarians to answer questions at the reference desk. The collections also include students’ projects/dissertations, bound volumes of newspapers and government publications; as well as bound volumes of exams past questions.
  1. Lending & Borrowing Services
  • Students, faculty and staff who have been registered in the Library have the privilege of borrowing books from the Library for their academic work. This is done under terms and conditions, captured under the rules and regulations of the Library.
  1. Information Literacy
  • The library also engages students on information literacy that is to have the ability to realize what information they need, how to create it, evaluate it and finally how to use information to generate knowledge.
  • Teaching students on Information Literacy (Ability to realize that information is needed, how to locate and evaluate the needed information and using the information to generate knowledge).
  1. E-Resources
  • Through the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH), we provide on-line access to E-journals and scholarly publications to support the rich academic curriculum of the Technical University.
  1. Literature Search
  • Manual search: Helping patrons to find useful information for their research work, assignments and to gain more knowledge in their areas of studies.
  • Electronic search: Assisting patrons (students in particular) in their literature searches.
  • Providing training on how to conduct effective electronic searches for our valued patrons in the University community.
  1. Inter-Library Loan and Document Delivery
  • Through both formal and informal arrangements, we reach out to other sister academic libraries in Ghana for answers to your information requests that cannot be provided by us immediately.

Cataloguing and Classification

  • The books once acquired are destined for the shelves after they have been catalogued and classified to make retrieval easy and quick.